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This is the actual "recording sound" part of making a record. Tavon uses Cubase and a multitude of industry-standard software and hardware devices to capture the highest-quality versions of your songs possible.


Typically, drums are recorded first, with significant time being spent on tuning and getting the best possible tones. Guitars and bass come next. Vocalists benefit from my large and varied vocal microphone selection and specially treated vocal booths. Pitch correction, if desired, is available.


If your band is "vibe" or "live" based, HEP can also record your whole band live, then tweak, edit and mix in post-production.


Though I do most of my recording from my Erie, PA studio, I can travel to nearly any geographic location to record your project. The cost is typically the same as recording in Erie. If we must travel more than 50 miles from Downtown Erie, the added expenses (airfare, hotel, etc) will be added to your cost.




This stage of the recording process occurs after tracking is finished. The final recorded tracks are combined using compression, equalization, effects and volume automation to create the larger-than-life sound qualities of a commercial recording.


I can (and often do) mix material not recorded by me. This can be a great option if you have a recording system at home or are on a tight budget. By sending your recording to me to mix, you gain access to my extensive hardware and software library at a reduced price. I use Cubase to mix, but can work with sessions from nearly any DAW (ProTools, Nuendo, Logic, FL Studio, Reaper, etc).


If you are planning on having me mix your recording, please contact me before starting your project to ensure all technical requirements are met for this service.




Mastering is the last creative process in the music production chain. Mastering can add clarity, punch and body to a mix. Common tools used in mastering are: equalization, compression, expansion, image tools and limiting. Most importantly though it is about listening to each track and applying the correct process needed for that particular track, not about applying the same default setting for all.
The Mastering Engineer therefore may choose to use one or all of the above tools to get the track sounding as good as it can. The mastering process also helps your music translate well to the outside world, i.e. it should allow your tracks to sound good on as many different sound systems as possible - ipods and desktop speakers, home hi-fi systems, car stereos, Radio / TV transmissions and club sound systems. Mastering is also the last chance to repair any problems that occurred in the recording process, ie click/glitch removal, de-essing and noise reduction etc. It is also useful as it allows you to get an unbiased perspective on your tracks, as sometimes when mixing for days on end you are so 'close' to the mix that it becomes hard to hear the mix as a whole.
Another aspect of mastering is the actual compilation of the CD master. Not only do the tracks need to sound great individually, but the album needs to 'flow' nicely from one track to the next in terms of both overall tone and level. Your tracks will be individually mastered, not just run through a standard 'default setup'.


Live Sound: Click Here For More Info

We also provide Sound and Lighting services for your event. Bands, DJs and Event Planners can all utilize our services as a one-stop-shop for Live Performance or Event Sound Reinforcement. Rates vary. Horizontal Experiment Productions can provide the Full-Service Sound System with an Engineer and crew, or perhaps all you need is a Live Engineer. All you must do is inquire within.




Control Surface:
Mackie Control Universal Pro


Focusrite Liquid Saffire 56
Focusrite Saffire Pro 40
Focusrite Saffire 24


Event PS-8


Apple Mac Pro
Apple MacBook Pro
Dual Acer 19" Screens
Western Digital Hard Drives


Cubase 7
Logic Pro
Reason 5
Abelton Live


Outboard Gear:
Focusrite Liquid Channel (Liquid 56)
Lexicon MX-200
Alesis Midiverb 4
ART Pro Channel Mic Pre





AudioTechnica AT-4040
MXL 990 (2)
Sennheiser E604 (3)
Shure SM57 (4)
Shure SM58 (4)
AudioTechnica ATM-450 (2)
Samson C02 (2)
AKG D112
plus many more...


Other gear:
Alesis 16 Bit ADAT (1)
Tascam DA-30 Dat Recorder
Alesis DM-PRO Midi Drum Module
Proteus 2 Multitimbral Midi Sound Module
M-Audio Keystation Pro 88 Midi Controller
Roland W-30 Midi Keyboard
Squire Strat

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