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You can afford to work with me! We're always looking to work on new, exciting projects. The following prices are listed simply as a guide.  Contact me for a detailed project proposal or to discuss your budgetary requirements. We will definitely work within what you can spend.



Tracking / Mixing:
*Includes: compression, editing, normalizing, EQ, spacing, & assembly

Hourly Session Charge:

$60.00 per hour


Daily Rate:

$500.00 per day (10 hours)

Remote Recording:

Rates vary depending on distance from Erie, PA


*For mixes which need extensive extras (drum editing, vocal pitch correction, re-amping) extra fees may apply. Please contact us for more information if you feel your tracks may fall into this category.


Demo/EP Package: $1000.00

Includes: 15 hours of studio recording time,  4 hours of mix down time, 2 day block, mastering, plus 25 CD’s.



Mastering Rate:

Album Package deals are available upon request.

First Song: $150*
Each Additional Song: $100*



Other Services:


Voice Talent: $75-100 per session (Depending on provider)


Studio Musicians: $100-150 per 5 hour session, per musician


Graphic Design: $60.00 per hr


CD Replication: $2.25/CD plus $50.00 setup fee.

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